Discover today’s top 5 technologies for waste valorization. They are the most used and efficient technologies for industrial and hazardous waste treatment and waste valorization.

Waste valorization is a thermal process that uses waste as raw material to generate electricity and heating through combustion. Gases generated are then filtered and eliminated, complying with the strictest environmental regulations for emissions.

Today’s top 5 technologies for waste valorization are the following:

  • Pyrolysis

One of the technologies for waste treatment is Pyrolysis. Pyrolysis is the chemical decomposition of organic compounds in the absence of oxygen. It represents the first stage in the gasification phase for combustion. You can read more details here.


  • Controlled pyrolysis

Controlled pyrolysis or gasification is the process by which organic matter is partly oxidised, thereby producing syngas. And it’s one of the technologies available for waste treatment and valorization. You can read more details here.


  • Incineration

Incineration or direct combustion or is another technology available for waste treatment. Direct combustion or incineration generates energy in the form of heat. This energy is reusable, and can be used to produce electricity, steam or hot water. You can read more details here.


  • Waste-to-fuel

Waste to fuel is a treatment process by means of which certain types of fuel are produced from waste, usually plastic waste. Biofuels and Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) are becoming more and more attractive and necessary these days. You can read more details here. 


  • Waste-to-energy (WTE)

Waste to energy involves processing waste in order to obtain energy that can be used within the same plant for internal processes or else to be sold to external parties. It’s one of the most efficient technologies for waste treatment and valorization. You can read more details here.


Is waste valorization environmentally friendly?

Waste Valorization has become the alternative technology for energy recovery that has minimum impact on the environment and is capable to generate heat and electricity. Pyrolysis plants and waste incineration plants include flue gas treatment systems afterwards that collect and eliminate the gases generated, following an efficient and safe procedure, to guarantee maximum respect for people and the environment.


Types of waste to be treated

With these waste valorization technologies, there are several types of waste that can be treated and eliminated and transformed: liquid waste, paste-like waste, sludge & slurry, solvents, NORM Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material), medical and hospital waste, and Solid Municipal Waste (SMW).

At Tecam, we design, develop and implement advanced systems for waste treatment and waste valorisation, applying the most efficient technologies in line with each individual case and need. These are our main technologies: find out what they can offer you.

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