A way of thinking


We believe in a non-pollutant industry and we work towards a profitable industry.

Tecam works with great determination to reduce pollutant industrial waste; we understand technological innovation and the circular economy as ways to conserve the environment and our health.

We believe it’s our responsibility to be a partner that brings value to our customers, providing them with tools and services that make them less pollutant and more profitable through the efficient use of resources.

a non-polluting industry

Thinking about the environment makes us different.

Tecam believes in a compromise between industry and society that goes beyond the production of goods and services. We work every day towards more eco-friendly and fully sustainable industrial production processes.

The future of industry is an environmentally aware industry. A challenge that makes any company great. Yours and ours. A challenge that drives us to continue to develop efficient solutions today that meet the environmental requirements of tomorrow’s industry.

Environment, Technology and Efficiency – doesn’t that give you food for thought?

Thinking about sustainability means thinking about you.

Tecam is ambitious when it comes to meeting the challenge facing the industrial sector. We know that the only possible answer to our concern is to design technologies that combine maximum environmental efficiency and the optimisation of these resources to avoid reducing the productivity of your industrial processes.
reducing the productivity of your industrial processes.

It’s the only way to offer you the solutions your company and society need.

Thinking about the forefront so that your company is always at the forefront.

Our way of creating value for you as a technology partner. Challenging convention by being original. Through research, innovation and the desire to be at the cutting edge of environmental issues.

It is part of our DNA. We are scientists, researchers and technicians whose daily motivation is innovation, the reason why we can provide solutions to complex problems.


More R&D&I to meet your needs.

Technological innovation is one of our defining elements. Tecam is aware that it must be present in all its professional activity areas. Our R&D&I department carries out all the research and development actions in techniques and technologies that anticipate environmental solutions for the new challenges of your business. We do research to improve the efficiency of your processes, as well as your sustainability.

Our department has developed innovative ideas and processes that we have successfully implemented in a wide variety of large industries in sectors such as chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and oil & gas. These, together with the know-howand expertise acquired over the years, give us the necessary capacity to address complex technical and logistical needs.



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