Waste valorization



We design, develop and implement advanced systems for the treatment and valorisation of waste, applying the most efficient technology or technologies in line with each individual case and need. These are our main technologies: find out what they can offer you.

Pyrolysis is the chemical decomposition of organic compounds in the absence of oxygen. It represents the first stage in the gasification phase for combustion.
Controlled pyrolysis or gasification is the process by which organic matter is partly oxidised, thereby producing syngas.
Direct combustion or incineration generates energy in the form of heat. This energy is reusable, and can be used to produce electricity, steam or hot water.
WtE involves processing waste in order to obtain energy that can be used within the same plant or sold.
Waste-to-fuel is a treatment process in which certain types of fuel are produced from waste.
Waste-to-product involves the generation of new raw materials, along with intermediate and end products, through the treatment of waste.
These terms refer to the industrial processing and drying of organic waste and sludge in order to convert it into agricultural fertiliser.
Biomethanisation is the transformation of organic compounds into biogas. Owing to their high calorific value, these compounds can be used as fuel to power boilers and cogeneration systems.
This process involves the full or partial recovery of the raw materials or components that make up the waste material.
Sorting is the process by which waste is separated into different elements and categories, in order to enable its subsequent treatment.
This technology uses the nutrients and metabolic heat contained in sludge to generate high temperatures in a digester.

The value of experience

For more than 15 years, Tecam has specialised in the treatment and valorisation of special and hazardous waste.

Our aim is to help you by providing services at source (i.e. at your facilities), as we believe this is the best way to optimise overall costs and guarantee the safest possible environmental management of the waste at each stage of the process.

Solutions tailored to suit you

We offer solutions adapted in line with your environmental problems. We always favour options related to valorisation. We accompany you throughout each stage of the project, helping you to minimise the generation of waste in your production cycle. From providing the diagnostics and design for each solution, to valorising and transforming your waste into energy or new materials.

Our commitment to innovation drives us to engage in continuous technological development, with a view to finding customised solutions for every case and customer.


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