Tecam’s VOC concentrators (Zeolite rotor concentrators)

Tecam’s VOC concentrators are exclusively designed by our engineers in line with specific parameters to ensure they complement our RTOs. They are tailor-made systems that work together to achieve maximum levels of effectiveness.

Tecam’s tailor-made design

You can always count on tailor-made solutions with Tecam and, where necessary, the development of specific components, software and/or materials. Our technicians engage with every project, using their expertise and knowledge to design customised equipment for each case and customer.

No matter how big or complex the problem, Tecam is the technology partner that will provide you with the solutions you need at all times.

What is a VOC concentrator?

VOC concentrators, also known as Zeolite rotor concentrators, are wheel-shaped devices that treat gases as they spin. They also incorporate an adsorbent bed of zeolite. As the gases to be adsorbed pass through the wheel, they are adsorbed into the bed, thereby cleaning the process gas. When the flow of air to be treated is high and the concentration of solvents is low, the RTO process is complemented by the use of a Zeolite rotor concentrator system. By adsorbing the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), the zeolite rotor concentrator is able to reduce the flow of the air to be treated and increases the level of concentration, which in turn enables the RTO to achieve autothermal operation.

How does a VOC concentrator work?

The Zeolite rotor concentrator operates continuously, cleaning most of the air that passes through it by means of a Zeolite wheel to which the VOCs adhere. A small proportion of the air is passed through the Zeolite wheel again in a counter-current, in order to perform desorption and leave the wheel clean. This small amount of concentrated air, which has a high load of VOCs, must then be sent to an oxidation system (e.g. an RTO) where the solvents can be eliminated.

The advantages of a VOC concentration system

The main advantage is the ability to reduce the initial airflow by a factor of 10-20, thereby increasing the concentration of the gas to be treated by the same amount. This makes it possible to install a smaller RTO and achieve autothermal operation, thereby lowering the operating costs and reducing gas and electricity consumption. In turn, this results in lower overall costs than other technologies.

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