Tecam Service

Project support

Service features

Tecam acts as the technological sponsor and partner for the development of large environmental projects.

We analyse the opportunities, develop the project from the economic viability analysis to the design of installations and processes and look for the necessary means and partners to make it a reality.

Purpose of the service

We assist large industrial corporations with special environmental treatment needs, national or supranational public bodies and environmental organisations in the development and promotion of projects and research programmes.

esquema produccion sostenible de tecam

At the forefront of the fight for a circular economy

Tecam is an expert in the control, treatment and management of environmental problems. We provide support for large public and private initiatives.

We put our know-howand our human resources at the service of society. Today, it is impossible to fight for a sustainable world by working in isolation from our companies. Consequently, Tecam promotes inter-company actions and public-private work consortia.

Other services


We prepare studies and develop technological solutions to evaluate or mitigate the impact of your industrial activities on the environment.

Feasibility studies

Make sure you are optimizing your time, budget and technical requirements by identifying risks and benefits.

Comprehensive project design

Tell us about your idea or the problem you need to solve and we will develop a tailor-made solution to suit your technical and financial requirements.

Turnkey plants

We are the ideal partner for building your plant. We plan the design, assembly, installation and commissioning of the equipment you require.


We identify possibilities and plan and implement changes without interfering in your plant’s production capacity.

Plant operation and maintenance

Our team of experts will ensure the operability of your facilities and guarantee the continued functionality of your production processes.


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