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High technology at the service of the highest standard: our environment.

Tecam works every day towards more eco-friendly and fully sustainable industrial production. We believe it’s our responsibility to be a partner that brings value to our customers, providing them with tools and services that make them less pollutant and more profitable through the efficient use of resources.

We provide you with a wide range of technologies for the treatment of emissions and hazardous waste tailored to your industrial processes, offering you customised and tailor-made solutions, adapted to your problems and technical and logistical requirements.

The right partner to breathe easy.

Tecam provides a solution for every pollutant emission and waste challenge arising from your production processes. You can breathe easy, because we help you to make your industry less pollutant.

Breathe easy, because the value of the waste your industry produces is not residual.

And breathe easy because, in addition to reducing risks to the environment, you are ensuring the viability and future of your industry by making it more sustainable, reducing costs and increasing profitability.

A commitment to sustainability so we don’t compromise the future.

We’re committed to ensuring a better future for society through a responsible and eco-friendly industry.

This commitment is reflected in our way of working and corporate social responsibility.

Our company has ISO 14001 certification for Environmental Management Systems and our business activity and decision-making are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

One passion, one great challenge: a sustainable industry. Yours.

Technology, service and environmental awareness for a responsible industry, your industry. For us, sustainability means doing things in an efficient and environmentally and economically responsible way

We always take technological innovation as the best way to transform current industry processes for the better. We are flexible and decisive, providing solutions according to each situation and each project. We react immediately and provide the resources you need when and where they are needed.

Tons of avoided air pollutant emissions

Different countries where we have carried out projects


Average pollutants removed per project

A partnership that goes beyond the provision of services.

Tecam specifically wants to be your technological partner that facilitates the development of sustainable production processes.

One that not only brings you value, through tools and services that maximise your environmental investments. But also committed to ensure a better future for our society with you through the promotion of an efficient, profitable and committed industry, in line with the times in which we live.

A way of thinking: more profitability, less pollution.

We think about the industry we want. We think about industry by reimagining it. We think about industry by reimagining it.

This translates into a way of developing environmental technology tailor made to each industrial project. 100 % adapted to your technical needs. Through innovative processes, complementing your production processes, with competitive costs and sustained performance over time.

A way of doing: always at the forefront.

This is how we create value for you. Challenging convention by being original and efficient. We are committed to research, relevant innovation and, since our inception, we have kept intact our desire to be at the cutting edgeof environmental technology.

A commitment that materialises every day in the way we work alongside you and in our own Corporate Social Responsibility.


Tecam believes that an organisation is only as strong as the people who are part of it.

Tecam’s operational leadership team consists of highly skilled people with initiative, passion for environmental challenges, who work together to achieve our clients’ goals and aspirations.

Get to know us; we’ll be seeing a lot of each other. Our technical managers are always at the forefront of our projects. A direct link to those in charge which will always be open.


Technology at the service of your industry and the environment since 2005


2005 – Founded in Barcelona, Spain, as a distributor of environmental technology.

2006 – Our international expansion begins with the acquisition of our first international customer.

2010 – We expanded our business with the project development division to develop the first RTOs with our own technology and design.

2011 – Relocation to larger premises due to the large increase in business.

2012 – Inauguration of the new waste recovery business line.

2013 – Entry into the Russian market with the opening of an office in Moscow.

2014 – Entry into the Latin American market with the opening of an office in Santiago de Chile.

2015 – Implementation of a project in the United Arab Emirates, which was the world’s first case of radioactive waste incineration (NORMs).

2017 – Consolidation in the Chinese market with the establishment of a branch office in Shanghai.

2019 – Development of the consultancy service for the promotion of large environmental treatment projects.

2020 – Winners of the Tank Storage Awards in the Environmental Performance category for our highly efficient VOC emission removal technology solution.


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