High concentration peaks


The problem – and our solution

In an oxidiser, peaks in concentration cause the temperature in the combustion chamber to increase rapidly, owing to the sudden increase in the amount of oxidisable compounds.

These temperature increases can be prevented by using a control system to add air from outside. This serves to dilute the air being treated, thereby lowering the concentration and the temperature in the combustion chamber.

If dilution is not sufficient, one of the most effective solutions is to install a hot bypass in the combustion chamber. The hot bypass generates a current that flows out directly from the combustion chamber. This current is governed by a control valve, which is regulated by the temperature sensors inside the chamber. When the system receives a high concentration of compounds, the temperature increases excessively and cannot be lowered through dilution alone, the hot bypass control valve will open in order to release the excess energy.

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Sectors affected

There are many sectors that can be affected by this problem, particularly those that operate on a non-continuous basis or use batch processes. As their production processes are non-continuous, variations in flow may occur at different points during the day. This is often the case with producers of pharmaceutical products, fine chemicals and paint.

Frequently, tank storage facilities for hydrocarbons also suffer from this problem, although the specifics of each case can vary greatly.

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