Large flows of contaminated air to treat? Continuous high concentrations of emissions, or peaks? Problems with odours? You can manage every one of these problems using Tecam’s customised and profitable solutions.

Large flows with low concentration

When dealing with large emission flows, fuel consumption levels are extremely high due to the fact that it is not feasible to carry out autothermal processes.

Discover the solutions offered by Tecam to help prevent these difficulties.


The key problem with continuous high concentrations is that the equipment required is excessively large and has an elevated cost.

Find out how Tecam can minimise these difficulties while offering you significant advantages.


Vent gas in industrial wastewater treatment

The vent gas generated by industrial wastewater treatment plants needs to be eliminated.

To treat this gas, Tecam offers a range of effective and well-proven solutions.


High concentration peaks

Peaks of high concentration cause sharp and sudden temperature increases in the combustion chamber.

To prevent this from occurring, Tecam offers a number of effective solutions, in line with the specific situation and circumstances and the required outcome.


Where hydrocarbons are stored in tanks, pollutant emissions may be generated at various times and through various processes during the operation of the facility. Moreover, the characteristics of these emissions can be highly specific.

At Tecam we specialise in emissions treatment for the tank storage industry. We design effective, cutting-edge solutions that are tailor-made for this industry. Find out what they are.


Intense odours

The generation of unpleasant odours is common in certain industrial sectors. This problem is usually caused by the degradation of organic matter.

Tecam offers technological solutions that are specifically designed to eliminate emissions with unpleasant odours, by converting the compound into a liquid or solid state and treating it using the relevant method.


Operational excellence.

We are by your side: at any time, in any place, and at any stage of the project’s development: analysis, R&D, consulting, design, implementation and maintenance. So you can achieve the highest levels of effectiveness with regard to the treatment of emissions and the incineration of waste.

Turnkey solutions.

Customised solutions and tailor-made, turnkey designs. Comprehensive advisory services and total management of your project, regardless of its size, complexity or technical demands. With seamless coordination and direct access to our technical and project directors.


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