Ammonia nh3

Volatile Organic Compound

What is NH3?

Ammonia, which has the chemical formula NH3, is a corrosive compound that is harmful if inhaled. At atmospheric temperature it is a gas, although it can also be found in solution with water.

Problems caused by ammonia

In industries where Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) contain ammonia, when these compounds enter the combustion chamber they combine to generate nitrogen oxides (NOx). To prevent and minimise the generation of these compounds, they can be treated by scrubbers prior to entering the thermal oxidiser. Scrubbers bring the compounds into contact with an acidic solution (e.g. sulphuric acid) that neutralises the ammonia and prevents it from entering the oxidiser.

Which industrial sectors are affected by NH3?

Industrial livestock farming is particularly affected. Ammonia can also be found in the processes carried out by the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

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