Tecam, at the forefront of applying the circular economy to industry

We work for our customers as a technology partner specialising in the development of sustainable production processes and the circular economy for industrial corporations.

All our R&D and our technical and service solutions have a dual focus: to provide our partners with high technology today at the service of their business and the environment, and to design the future solutions they need to be relevant players in the new economy.


Open collaborative system

We want to be the ally that guides your company in environmental management so that your team can focus its efforts on generating business and solving production challenges. You decide the extent of our involvement:

  • Adviser
  • Designer
  • Builder
  • Operator

You decide the contractual framework of the relationship:

  • Supplier
  • Developer
  • Consortium
  • Joint Venture

Consultancy and project development

Tell us your idea or the problem to be solved. We will prepare studies and analyse them together to provide you with the best customised, tailor-made solution, taking into account your economic requirements and the need to mitigate your impact on the environment.

Tailor-made solutions for global problems

We believe in a sustainable industry and apply our approach: collaboration, innovation, leadership, continuous improvement, integration and strict legislative compliance.

We put our know-how at your disposal for sustainable production:

  • Innovating waste management and emission control.
  • Designing eco-efficient operations.
  • Generating by-products and energy.
  • Designing inter-company collaboration chains.


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