Tecam, a leading supplier of environmental technology, announces the installation of a new equipment for Volatile Organic Compounds emissions treatment at the production plant that the construction company Onduline has in northern Spain.

Thanks to the installation of this turnkey project of environmental technology for emissions treatment, the Onduline production center will be able to eliminate 99.9% of its polluting emissions through an exhaust gas cleaning system that fully respects the environment. In this case, Tecam has installed a 37,000 m3/h Regenerative Thermal Oxidation (RTO) equipment, custom designed, as the most optimal solution after analyzing the technical requirements of the customer, taking into account the air flow to be treated and the nature and characteristics of the gases emitted. This facility has the highest standards of safety, quality and respect for the environment.

Onduline is a recognized manufacturer of lightweight insulation and waterproofing systems for sloping roofs, with an international presence, and has made a significant environmental investment in its national production center to exponentially minimize the environmental impact in the area.

Bernat Sala, CEO of Tecam, declared: “We are very satisfied to have installed our VOC emissions treatment system to Onduline, to offer clean technology solutions to our customers, and thus contribute to a sustainable industry”.

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