Barcelona, 31st January 2014

Tecam Group, environmental technology supplier, has announced that it has provided a Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer unit for Volatile Organic Compounds VOC emissions treatment for another project in the rotogravure industry in Spain.

The shipment consists of one Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) for the abatement of 30,000 m3 to be installed this week in a rotogravure production plant in North Spain. Upon completion of the project, Tecam Group Oxidizer equipment is expected to reduce approximately 99% of polluting Volatile Organic Compounds VOCs that would be issued into the atmosphere.

“The design, assembly and shipment of this Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer unit is another key Cleantech project in the rotogravure industry,” stated Mr. Bernat Sala, Sales Director of Tecam Group. “By combining our hi-tech Oxidizer equipment for Volatile Organic Compound VOC treatment and our premium service, we can deliver cost-effective Cleantech solutions to our customers. Moreover, we help them adapt to current environmental legislation requirements and reduce their carbon footprint, which is vital nowadays”.

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