The circular economy seeks to maximise available material and energy resources, so that they remain in the production cycle for as long as possible.

The circular economy promotes reusing, repairing and recycling, thus increasing sustainable manufacturing and consumption.

Moving from a linear economy –extraction-manufacture-use-dispose– to a circular economy reduces pressure on the environment, improves security of the supply of raw materials and promotes competitiveness, innovation and growth. The future of the industry is linked to being resource-efficient and your business being run with the least environmental impact.

The phases of Circular Economy are as follows:

  • Ecodesign
  • Production or Reprocessing
  • Distribution
  • Consumption
  • Reuse, repair, reduce…
  • Recycling

The following areas must be covered, in order to close the circle:

  • Optimisation of the use of natural resources and sustainable management.
  • Design of eco-efficient, clean production processes.
  • Waste recovery and management of special or hazardous waste.

It is a matter of improving efficiency and increase profitability by reducing risks.

Tecam offers the industry a comprehensive collaboration service for the development of projects based on sustainable production. An ambitious service that aims to support industries committed to the circular economy in the planning and implementation of their sustainability plans. At Tecam we firmly believe in a compromise between industry and society that goes beyond the production of goods and services. We work every day towards more eco-friendly and fully sustainable industrial production processes.

We grant you our knowledge and dedication to help you plan and execute your sustainable production plans.

The solutions, technologies and services that Tecam develops help the industry make a better use of resources and improve performance, while providing a cleaner, healthier environment. A win-win situation for both industry and society.

We help large industries to move towards this new production paradigm. A partnership based on cross-innovation and continuous improvement, an open collaboration to help you lead your company towards a more prosperous, sustainable future.

Find out how we can help you – contact us today.


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